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1Hand SMS Spanish Keyboard

for iPhone Only.
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Type SMS easier and faster with one-hand !

Type a message, select destination number, and simply send it out from "Messages"!

What is good about 1Hand Keyboard ? Read This.

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Special Features

* Arrow keys to move caret right and left faster for easier text editing

* Auto save feature to save messages with destination number in "list" as fixed phrases

* Your current location info can be copied to the message field with a single touch

* You can select destination number from "Contacts" and insert it to "To" field

* Friendly alphabetical character array with 13 multi-input keys with just 2 characters each to type faster and easier

* Ideal key size that reduce probability of typographic errors

* Adjustable character counter

- Note -

* Sending the message and destination number to "Messages": Tap "SMS" button to launch "Messages" and destination number is being copied to "To" field automatically, but you need to double-tap the message field to paste your message.

* Location info: The location info you insert into the message by tapping "I'm here!" button may not keep its accuracy when you are on a moving train/car, etc.